ORCS School Board

The Our Redeemer's Christian School Board is composed of 7 members from Our Redeemer's Church as well as 4 at-large members which can be ORCS parents, grandparents, or friends of the school.

The ORCS School Board members for the 2022-2023 school year are:

Kyle Bittle

Heather Gravley

Jodi Hall (Asst. School Administrator) +

Christian Eby

Brian Inches (Elder Representative) +

Ann Jermiason

Julia Lakoduk

John Neiss

Alex Ness *

Matthew Olson

Amber Pankratz *

Pastor Pete Pederson (Executive Pastor) +

Jeff Ringstad (School Administrator) +

Carolyn Moore

Bryan Vibeto *

Jay Zimmerman (Business Administrator) +

*  at-large board members

+  ex-officio board members