Why Choose ORCS?

The Bible is the foundation of all that we do at Our Redeemer's Christian School. Our Statement of Faith says that God's Word is our "final authoritative guide for faith and conduct." While this certainly doesn't mean that we are a perfect school, it does mean that we strive to  make the Gospel central in all that we do and to create an atmosphere where our students can be effectively educated from a Biblical worldview. 

It is our goal to provide support to parents through the educational journey that their children are on. Our curriculum and instruction approach knowledge, humanity, and the world around us from a Biblical perspective. If this is what you're looking for in an education for your children, ORCS will be a good fit for you!

Here's a Glimpse of ORCS!


Our community is blessed with good academic centers of learning. But perhaps at no point in American history is it more important for children to obtain a Christ-centered education. At Our Redeemer’s  Christian School it’s not just about learning math or science or performing well in other programs. It’s  about Christ. Children are taught and mentored in a safe, loving environment so that they are better  prepared for life’s challenges. We’ve witnessed firsthand what a Christ-centered education is like with  our own children and we can’t imagine making a different choice. 

- The Altringer Family